FSE Group

FSE Group of companies manufacture and supply Cast Metal Products for the engineering and construction sectors.

The product range includes sand castings, antislip metal steps and safety surfaces.

Based in Essex near Stanstead Airport the company is well placed geographically to give excellent service throughout the UK, but has customers much further afield domestically and internationally due to its specialist metal expertise and niche product range.


FSE Group was established in January 2001 when Enfield Foundry Holdings Ltd merged its commercial foundry (Enfield Foundry) and pattern shop (Crockett-Orwin Patterns) with the Essex-based Finch Seaman Foundry, Nautilus Fine Art Foundry and AATi Ltd, makers of metal stairway products. Enfield Foundry moved from Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire where it had been since 1932, to Braintree in Essex. All casting and manufacturing is now carried out at a more modern and well equipped factory suitable for a progressive cast-metal-based engineering firm.

From 2002 to 2006 further re-structuring of FSE Group companies took place with Nautilus Fine Art Foundry absorbing Burleighfield Fine Arts (High Wycombe) and Morris Singer (Hampshire), calling itself Morris Singer Art Founders Limited. This Art Foundry was then sold by the FSE Group as a going concern but was finally closed in 2012 after being restructured and renamed Zahra Modern Fine Art Foundry.

David Bisset, Chairman of majority shareholder Enfield Holdings and Glyn Elshaw (FSE Foundry Managing Director) have held exclusive ownership since buying out minority shareholders in 2006 and April 2009.

FSE Group now has a unique concentration of cast metal product facilities and skills on one site at Braintree in Essex near to the Stansted International Airport Terminal.
Future plans now include;
- the development of the commercial casting service (FSE Foundry) associated with a repetition quantity casting supply from our Chinese foundry suppliers,
- the widening of markets worldwide for the AATi anti-slip stairway product range, and the introduction of new products in both rail and commercial building sectors,
- the continued development of rapid-prototyping, patternmaking and cast assembly design and manufacture, especially within the engineering and architectural field.


Finch Seaman Enfield Group Limited (FSE Group) is a management and holding company which provides accountancy/marketing and other manufacturing-compliance and operational services to the FSE Group companies. David Bisset is Managing Director, and Terry Martin the Accountant. FSE Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enfield Holdings Ltd.

FSE Foundry Ltd commercial foundry is run by Glyn Elshaw, Managing Director, who joined Enfield Foundry in 1975. Fraser Smith is commercial office manager and Brett Hicks is foundry manager. The in-house Pattern Shop, formerly a separate company called Crockett-Orwin Patterns, is now amalgamated into FSE Foundry at the same premises.

Antislip Antiwear Treads International (AATi Ltd) manufactures and markets the cast metal stair nosing range of product widely used in the London Underground and UK rail network. AATi Director, David Bisset, took over this role from Mervyn George who played a major role in the company development since 1992. General Manager is Robin Oxborough and Charles Monk, contracts manager. The AATi Group now has two new component companies handling commercial and rail work respectively, AATi Commercial Ltd and AATi Rail Ltd.


Enfield Foundry Company Limited. Founded in 1932 by DG Bisset, at the end of his foundry career following that of his father’s since 1836 on Clydebank. His son Graham was awarded an OBE for his services to the industry in 1970, and brothers Ronald and principly Micheal and his son David, FSE Group Managing Director, complete the 5th generation of the family in the industry. Until 2008 David was also a major shareholder in Clementsmarine, who’s Luton Foundry cast propellers and make marine equipment. Until 2001, Enfield Foundry was located in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, and built their reputation since 1950 on producing specialist high-conductivity copper, non-ferrous and iron alloy castings and die casting in Boston, Lincolnshire until 1980.

Finch & Seaman Foundry was started in 1948 by two former employees of Lake and Elliot Steel Foundry, Wilf Finch and Bill Seaman. As original minority FSE Group shareholders, this connection is still present in the FSE Group name. FSE Foundry is still sometimes referred to as ‘Finches’ in recognition of the long and enduring, historical roots of the foundry industry within the Braintree engineering culture.

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